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Facebook’s Building 8 lab working on moonshots for mind and body

The lab is developing a “brain-to-computer interface” that would allow us to send thoughts to a computer and technology to “hear” or absorb language through vibrations on our skin.

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  1. TooCool2Khan

    Minority report coming to a brainwave emulating from within you.

  2. Foss Boss

    Well I'm sure this won't be used for evil

  3. K O M

    so ! when we gonna see this in our smartphones ?

  4. danmar007

    Are you owned by Facebook FFS?

  5. Shamar Coke

    technology getting out of hand

  6. Ros Londo

    what's this tech called?

  7. Edward S. Rosa


  8. Yannick Olivier Orounla


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